About Us

History of the Group

Imagine if you will.... it is May 4th, Adrian "The Masterful Dude of Dudeliness" stands in line at the movie theater with his friends eagerly awaiting their chance to sit down and watch "The Avengers". To pass the time, they start talking about comic books and this eventually becomes a hypothetical conversation about what would happen if Superman fought Thor.
Little did they know that just behind them, there stood a man whose ears were burning. Being in line by himself, James had no choice but to listen to idle chatter around him and found himself particularly interested in the path this conversation was going in. Unable to contain himself, he interjected with "But Thor's lighting is magical". It was at that exact moment that the seed was planted. Through a series of continued conversations and debated taking place over Adrian's Facebook wall, an idea was formed to start a group where they could continue to have debates just like these, but it needed a name.
So they put their heads together and came up with a moniker that references so many of the things they loved, and thus Xavier's League of Extraordinary Avengers Corp. Inc. was born. It's gone through many iterations and branding changes since it's inception before becoming FanFreeks as it is known today. Since it's creation and to this very day it remains a group that welcomes intelligent, friendly (albeit, a little passionate at times) conversation about the fandoms we love.
Today FanFreeks exists in many forms, as a YouTube channel, an awesome Podcast, and still thriving as a community on Facebook.

The Head Freeks


Adrian "The Masterful dude of Dudeliness" is unarguably the heart of FanFreeks. Serving as both fearless leader and the progenitor of the group.
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Jorge "Bone King" Hernandez is the host with the most and the brain behind the Podcast. Despite joining the team a little later, he is undeniably an integral part of what makes FanFreeks the best family on the internet.

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James "Super Villain" Ramos has been around since the beginning and is likely the only reason he's still around. Handling a lot of back end operations, he occasionally acts as the heel to Adrian's face.
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